Wedding styling

On the wedding day every bride wants to look exceptionally. It is not always the same, we know what we look good, or what good makeup will look at the camera lens or camera. I suggest you give up in the hands of an experienced make-up artist that neither tears of happiness, nor crazy dances till dawn is not spoiled the makeup in such a special day.

If on every day you put your makeup strongly I suggest also in the day of the wedding not to change radically your habits. In this case appropriately selected make-up, which will emphasize the eye or mouth will look great. On the other hand if you do not put your makeup every day let emphasize its strengths, but in a discreet and sophisticated. Ideal for the bride are clumps of eyelashes attached at the corners-jacketed, which look very natural and at the same time increase flirtatious eyes.
If you are not sure in what makeup you feel good I invite you to make a trial, where together we can determine what will look best. I'll help you choose color bouquet, jewelry, accessories or add-ons. I work with a hairdresser so we can all adapt to the individual needs of the client.
I guarantee that wedding makeup that is made by me will hold on even until dawn!

Duration of wedding styling is about 1 h.

In order to book a date for the wedding makeup, please advance payment on the account number listed on the website or in person at the company's headquarters.

Price of wedding makeup: 200zł

Price of the trial makeup: 100zł - 200zł