Permament Make-up

We have selected a new quality of permament micropigmentation. We trusted the Swiss school, which brings out the people what is most beautiful ...

Long-term treatment of pigmentation can be used for all types of skin in both women and men.

We recommend it especially:
  • with pale, clear and irregular mouth
  • the mouth, which lack of contour, very narrow
  • at excessively bright eyebrows or complete lack thereof
  • with no eyelashes or faint outline
  • for people who want to look more clearly in the morning
  • for allergy sufferers, people who are allergic to color cosmetics
  • for athletes, people who wear glasses and contact lenses
  • to correct, camouflage scars, discoloration, breast reconstruction
  • beautifying and highlight the natural beauty

Durability of permanent makeup

Permanent makeup does not disappear overnight. The process of the fading is dependent on many factors such as:
  • the impact of UV rays
  • metabolism
  • natural "chemistry" of the skin
  • the structure and condition of the skin (ease of absorbing pigment)
  • skin tone and color of the pigment selected
  • the depth of pigmentation
  • skin care after the procedure / use of recommended preparations
  • age the skin and other

We are talking about the durability of one year to several years because the precise time of visual quality of makeup is not possible. Pigment on the eyebrows and eyes will take longer than the mouth, this is due to the ground, the skin and its natural color for types of European is definitely easier "primer" than "a little tricky" red lip.

Before the procedure together we determine the shape and color of the area performed. After a thorough analysis and approval by the client before I proceed to a pigmentation. The procedure is bloodless and depending on the field is from 1 to 2.5 hours.

types of treatments:
  • Lip liner with plastic shading or completely filled (the price from 800 to 1200zł)
  • Eyebrows by drawing fine hairs or compact filling (price 900 zł)
  • The lines on the eyes with the density of the eyelashes (500 zł upper dash, 300 zł bottom line, a set of 700 zł)
  • Eyeliner (cena 600zł),
  • Liplight (150zł),
  • Rejuvenating lightening the eyebrow (about 100 zł)
  • Camouflaging spots, broken capillaries, scars (individual price)
  • Local alopecia areata (individual price)
  • Renewal of the breast (individual price)
  • Correction of spoiled make up (individual price).

Prices include 2 treatments (in the second period, after about 4-6 weeks), and skin care solution after procedure.

Micropigments Swiss Color quality Q

  • They are characterized by high quality, proper consistency, and thus optimum opacity due to the high content of pure pigments.
  • Swiss precision and incredible attention to detail created from start to finish in its laboratory provides you with a safe product world-class certified pharmaceutical and toxicological positive assessment.
  • Micropigments are formulated in such a way as to obviate completely uncontrolled change of the dye in the skin, eg. Purple or dark gray.
  • They do not have sensitizing often parabens and heavy metal content. They do not contain hazardous carcinogenic coloring.
  • The duration of healing is individual for each. It is assumed that approximately one week after the procedure scabs coming down, and the color fades about 40%. Therefore, immediately after surgery, makeup seems to be stronger than its end result.
  • Enjoy a free consultation, which will explain all the doubts, contraindications, arrange a preliminary figure and show you our work. After the meeting, each client has the feeling that he is well informed, then it remains only to decide whether she wants or when she wants to perform the procedure.