I invite all those who wish to change their appearance or simply treat their own. We offer a complete makeover starting with matching wardrobes, joint purchasing, by choosing the right hairstyle, makeup and skin care, to the professional photo session done by the photographer. This can be in the form of a gift for a loved one or a personal metamorphosis before the big event. Regardless of the situation, we have a goal to change the image on each one, which looks best.

We begin with a meeting with delicious coffee, which determine priorities. What is most important, what needs to change is essential, and we need some time. Together we set a plan of action.
Wardrobe. We do a review of the cabinet. We throw out what you need, determine the type of figure and do color analysis. This is just the beginning!
Hair style. I work with great hairdressers. Together, we will advise what hairstyle will suit your face. The professionals will choose the color and appropriate haircut to care by yourself was just a pleasure.
Makeup. In addition to selecting the appropriate cosmetics for everyday makeup, I'll show how to do it yourself at home. I will give valuable advice and guidance when selecting cosmetics at drugstore and I will propose "iron kit" for home cosmetic bag.
Care. Together with our cooperating beautician we will develop care program, determine your skin type and think what treatments will be effective and will always look beautiful and radiant.
Shopping. We compose ready-made kits that are essential in every wardrobe. I choose the appropriate add-ons and accessories. Such shopping is a pleasure.
Photo shoot. At the end arrange a meeting with the photographer. We are preparing a professional session. We do hair and makeup, choose the coolest set of clothes and act. Then, each participant receives a letter from his professional photos on a CD so he could show off pictures with loved ones.

The duration is determined individually.

Price of complete metamorphosis is 1500 zł + spending on shopping for the wardrobe and cosmetics bag.


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