Lifting eyelashes

Curled and elongated lashes without mascara or false eyelashes application. This is the effect of the new procedure of LVL Lashes brand Nouveau Lashes - unique method of permanent overclocking eyelashes. Thanks to it, they are beautifully arranged, raised from the same root, elongated and rolled flirtatiously. Curl lashes from the same base makes it look longer and better exposed. The treatment system also disciplines eyelashes irregular, straight or directed downward. They highlight their natural beauty and gives the look of sensual charm. LVL This method is very versatile. The possibility of adjusting the shape and choose the degree of overclocking makes the treatment can be done on a long and thick eyelashes. The treatment is also recommended for women whose natural eyelashes are very short.

Duration is about 30 min

Price: 100zł