Aesthetic medicine

We offer treatments with hyaluronic acid filling, botox, mesotherapy needle and microneedle, peeliingi Medical. We try to introduce any novelties also in the field of aesthetic medicine. That is why we work with the best doctors.

Our staff supports, among other things dr Agnieszka Wojcik. She is an experienced physician specializing in aesthetic medicine and anti-aging, confirmed postgraduate studies at the University of Greenwich, London. She also practiced in England. The doctor also completed courses in Sweden, Germany and Italy. In her work she approaches individually to each patient and helps him comprehensively utilizing proven, safe and effective methods of rejuvenation, as well as the latest and promising treatments and technologies: the thread lifting, fillers (with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants) and relaxing the muscles of botox. Every day she tries to effectively turn back the clock for selecting patients the least invasive manner, so that the effect was the most natural and aesthetically satisfactory. Her treatments supports dietary advice and those of lifestyle.

She is a member of International Academy of Advanced Facial Aesthetics i British Dental Asssociation.
The doctor sees patients at our office, usually on weekends an average of twice a month.

Price: 100zł